Burnett County Agricultural Society Fair

August 26-29, 2021

Lemon Race 2021

Lemon Race 2021
Burnett County Agricultural Society Fair 
            Lemon Race

More fun at the fairgrounds
$5.00 Admission (Ages 5-99)

Saturday, June 5th 2:00PM (Pit Gate opens at 12:30PM)
            at the Grantsburg Fairgrounds

$20 per vehicle - Registration covers driver and one team member
50% pay back to the winners
Additional "team members" $10.00 each. Pits are limited due to track location
NO ONE UNDER 18 Allowed in the pits
(Exception for Drivers with parent present or notarized permission-bottom of the registration)

Races to include "interesting" features:
  • Bring your favorite appliance (Fridge, Stove, etc.) to ride along during a special heat
  • Special Trophies to be awarded

This is a NON-contact race:
  • Stock Cars!!
  • No Welding unless needed to hold it together
  • Each driver/passenger must have a helmet and seatbelt - NO racing allowed with out this
  • Headlights and taillights must be removed. Glass is okay
  • Fire Extinguisher must be in the car
  • 4/6/8 cylinder classes. If 4wd, driveshaft must be removed
  • Stock suspension
  • 5 laps per heat - up to 8 cars. 8 laps if more than 8 cars. More than 15 cars we will run 2 heats
  • Top 5 cars in one class or top 3, if running 2 heats, will go to the feature.
  • Automatic Disqualification if you break someone's glass from hard contact
  • Must have visible numbers on the car
  • Award for best painted/themed car. Crowds decision
  • Draw number for position
Any questions contact Josh Swanson at 715-431-0044 or at Alpha Tire 715-689-2700.

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Thursday, August 26

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Friday, August 27th - 7:00PM Grandstand Admission Rates: Adults: $10 - Kids 5-12: $5 - Kids under 5: Free

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Saturday, August 28 - 3:00PM Grandstand Admission Rates: Adults: $10 - Kids 5-12: $5 - Kids under 5: Free

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Inside/Outside Booth

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2021 will be the Fair's 144th Year!

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  • 914 South Pine Street, Grantsburg, Wisconsin, USA
  • 2021 Fair Dates August 26-29, 2021

Contacts: Demo Derby Scott Doornick 715-222-2426 Jeremy Scheider 715-431-0201 Parade Horse Show Charley (Char) Behr King 715-338-1268 Tractor Show Jeff Chell 715-566-0159 Fair Board: Jerry Kozak-President Bruce Scheider-Vice President Coke Scheider-Secretary Sarah Phillips-Treasurer Ben Baker Dan Byers Joe Byers Davey Chell Ellen Chell Jeff Chell Mike Chell Scott Doornick Joel Glover Kevin Knauber Alan Melin Amanda Melin Eric Melin Paul Nelson Cindy Olson D.J. Ryan Jeremy Scheider Don Vendela